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Diversity Recruiting Made Simple

Automated sourcing and job-matching solution, attract and recruit underrepresented talent, providing premium solution at an affordable price.

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US largest pool of qualified, underrepresented candidates currently looking for a job

Trusted by talent leaders around the world

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Pushing Diverse Candidates Your Way

Enrich your talent pipeline with an automated stream of relevant, #readytowork talent already vetted by other leading companies. Whether you’re searching for better female representation, a more diverse team, or perhaps supporting a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, Joonko has got your back with D&I.

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Get ready for what comes next

Unlock the true potential of your workforce by transforming it into a remote-ready organization and make smart, educated, data-driven, hiring decisions. Keep diversity in mind while supporting restructuring in a cost-effective way.

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Reinvent your workforce

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Reduction in TTF


Increase in Diverse Applications

$ k

Money Saved / mo


Increase Candidate NPS

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Ready to accelerate your diversity recruiting efforts?