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Joonko harnesses the power of technology to streamline the traditional talent cycle and advance organizations towards achieving their diversity and inclusion goals.

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Joonko is engineering the future of D&I using today’s powerful machine learning technology. No dashboards, no bells, no whistles—just a seamless integration built to solve
an organization’s diversity and inclusion challenges in real-time.
Find. Secure. Retain. See how we’re reenergizing the traditional talent management cycle.
  • JoonkoPool Effortlessly attract
    qualified applicants from
    underrepresented groups.
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  • JoonkoHire Overcome unconscious bias in your recruitment process in real-time. Learn More
  • JoonkoGrow Provide employees with an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. Learn More
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Ready to move closer to your D&I goals? Get more applicants from underrepresented groups–effortlessly and instantly
at the fraction of a the cost of traditional methods.