Our Story Mission-driven tech isn’t just our ethos, it’s our history. In early 2016, our story started with a mission: How can we improve the lives of women and minorities in the workplace? After over a decade of climbing ladders in the tech world, Ilit Raz knew the odds were still stacked against her as a woman in the industry. And if she had it tough, were others having issues with accessing the same opportunities? Through a series of eye-opening conversations with her peers, Ilit realized it was past time to work towards building a more equitable workplace for all. That’s when she founded Joonko.
Our Vision Joonko is on a mission to push real diversity, inclusion and belonging in companies to the next level and improve the lives of people from underrepresented groups for generations to come. No more platitudes and false promises about solving D&I challenges. Leveraging artificial intelligence technology, Joonko seamlessly integrates with all the tools at a talent leader’s disposal to move the needle and provide results in real-time. We know you can’t prevent unconscious bias from happening, but you can work towards finding a solution to keep it from spreading. That’s the feeling that inspired our journey and we hope it’s the one that gets you to tag along with us for the ride.
Why Joonko? Junko Tabei (田部井 淳子, pronounced Joo-n-ko) was a Japanese mountain-climber who became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest on May 16, 1975.
Her relentless grit and perseverance throughout every seemingly impossible impasse she came upon reminds us that no challenge is too big to overcome.
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Aubrey Blanche Aubrey Blanche Global Head of Diversity
& Belonging @ Atlassian
Baat Enosh Baat Enosh Director of Strategy
& Innovation @ Intuit
Udi Netzer Udi Netzer Executive & Venture
Meet The Team
Ilit Raz Ilit Raz Co-founder & CEO Favorite Disney Character: Mike, Monsters Inc
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Nofar Bracha Nofar Bracha CTO Favorite Disney Character: Ariel, Little Mermaid
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Itay Soudry Itai Soudry Software Engineer Favorite Disney Character: Genie, Aladdin
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Tal Bar Tal Bar Product Manager Favorite Disney Character: Abu, Aladdin
Funko Pop! doll illustration of Abu, Aladdin
Tom Ketter Tom Ketter Software Engineer Favorite Disney Character: Simba, Lion King
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Karla Khodanian Karla Khodanian Head of Marketing Favorite Disney Character: Sid, Toy Story
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Hemali Patel Hemali Patel Product Evangelist Favorite Disney Character: Disgust, Inside out
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Tyler Scott Hatcher Tyler Scott HatcherProduct Evangelist Favorite Disney Character: Aladdin, Aladdin
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