Understanding our process

The questions, the answers,
and all the details in between.

  • How do I sign-up?

    Getting started is easy! After you create an account and let us know your company size, all you have to do is connect your ATS (applicant tracking system) to Joonko and select your payment option. Payment can be charged month to month or billed annually at a discounted rate.

  • What happens after I sign-up?

    After payment is submitted, Joonko will begin pulling all open jobs and recently rejected candidates (this will be done with their permission, see "How does a candidate land in the pool") from your ATS and move them towards our databases, known as “pools.”

  • How does a candidate land in the pool?

    Recently rejected candidates who meet the qualifications will receive an email letting them know your company has partnered with Joonko and inviting them to opt-in to our job matching services.

  • What is a “qualified” candidate?

    In order to land in our pool, all candidates must have been gone through at least two steps of a recruiting process by a hiring manager at another company. While every company has their own processes, these steps can range from resume reviews to phone screenings, background checks, and final round interviews.

  • How do you know a candidate is diverse?

    You don’t need to tag, classify or add EEOC data – we handle the analysis. By measuring against a series of 8-10 data points based on public information, all candidates will first be screened to identify their gender and then their race. These data points will then be measured against each other on a scale to determine accuracy. All qualified candidates who are vetted as as female-identifying and non-white are considered diverse and will land in the pool. To date, Joonko’s data analysis has resulted in 94% accuracy.

  • How do I add/remove jobs from Joonko?

    You don’t! Moving forward, Joonko will continuously pull jobs you add/close in your ATS as well as track where candidates are in your pipeline – there’s nothing left for you to update. We won’t delete or move anything around, but rather scan it weekly for updates on jobs and candidates.

  • How will candidates see my open positions?

    Matches are made based on location, experience, industry, skills and more. Candidates in the pool will receive emails twice a week promoting up to 5 relevant, open positions – including yours!

  • How do I know it’s working?

    As candidates begin matching with your open positions, they’ll be encouraged to apply. And once they do, Joonko will show up as a referral source within your ATS.