Attract an ever-growing pipeline
of qualified, underrepresented candidates
effortlessly and instantly.
JoonkoPool is diversity recruiting tool that allows you to spend less time forcing engagement with random potential candidates and more time building meaningful interactions with qualified applicants who are ready for the job.
How it Works

Sign-up and connect your ATS (Applicant Tracking System).


Joonko pulls all open positions and qualified applicants out of your ATS and places them in a mutual pool on an ongoing basis.


Relevant applicants in the pool who match your qualifications will receive emails promoting your position and suggesting they apply.

Reduce sourcing time No more random reach-outs to passive prospectives

We know proactive sourcing for diverse candidates can feel as though its success is best left to the luck of the draw. JoonkoPool handles the sourcing for you, constantly reaching out to relevant candidates on your behalf and sending them directly into your ATS.

Streamline the screening process Say goodbye to “spam” candidates

In the age of easy-apply and one-click submissions, avoiding “resume spam” can feel like a pipe dream. JoonkoPool helps you save time and better focus your energy on building meaningful interactions with a custom-tailored talent pool of individuals best fit for the role.

Guarantee quality among applicants Partner with your peers to do better together

From phone interviews to in-person screenings, each and every candidate that lands in the pool has been qualified through at least two-steps of a hiring process by a talent manager like you at another company.

Eliminate unnecessary feature fatigue No dashboard, no problem

JoonkoPool seamlessly integrates with the recruiting solutions your team already has in place, eliminating the need for UI and driving candidates directly to your existing ATS instead.

Create a new candidate experience Turn a “no, thank you” into a “no, thank you, but let me help you…”

Delivering empathy throughout the hiring process is no longer an option, but an expectation. JoonkoPool aids in branding your organization as a business that cares about transforming its industry and redefining the diversity recruiting process for all.

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