Level the playing field, build better teams.

From recruitment to retention, learn how our products leverage technology to help teams consciously overcome unconscious bias and guide organizations towards building a reputation of inclusivity and fostering belonging for all.

JoonkoHire A real-time diversity coach dedicated to helping you address unconscious bias throughout the recruitment process.

Just as viruses can damage your computer, unconscious bias can damage your recruiting process. JoonkoHire monitors and analyzes behavioral patterns in your existing recruitment data to identify behavioral bugs and cultural typos as they happen. When such an event is detected, it sends out real-time alerts to your recruiting staff with actionable recommendations so they’re equipped to make corrective actions immediately.

JoonkoGrow An equal-opportunity success coach, committed to making sure every employee has a fair chance at reaching their full potential.

Hidden or not, biases can manifest in even the smallest of our daily workflows. From calendar invites to Slack channels, JoonkoGrow seamlessly integrates with the tools your team uses to uncover instances where bias might be limiting an employee’s success on the team. Equipped with real-time, native notifications, it enlightens teams with the support needed create a more equitable workplace for all.

We all know diversity and inclusion issues are more than skin deep, but bias is inevitable; it’s human nature to create preferences around what feels most familiar.
The magic formula driving D&I From the top of the recruiting funnel to when it comes time to performance reviews, our technology relies on an adaptation of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model to drive behavioral changes and win-over people’s unconscious bias.
Trigger - What prompts people to take action

This is the first step in any real-time engagement of Joonko. Without an appropriate trigger, behavior will not occur – even if both motivation and ability are high.

Motivation - The energy for an action

The more motivated people are, the more likely they are to perform a behavior. Ideally, employees and managers are already motivated and only need the help to do it.

Ability - The capacity to do a particular action

High motivation is not enough. The harder the ‘ask’ is for an action, the higher the motivation is needed to complete it, lowering the chances it will actually happen. The goal is to make an action as easy as possible.