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What if diversity was an App?



Monday | 20/01/2020

8:30AM - 11:30AM



Diversity has undeniably become one of the top criteria millennials look for at companies. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has become a prevalent focus of many companies, driven by public expectations and the need to align with modern realities. Yet most companies struggle with how exactly to achieve true diversity and establish a more inviting workplace.

While on the other end of the room, the product management process is the cornerstone of the tech industry. It holds a unique mix of problem-solving frameworks and collaboration methods that can generate amazing products.

So why don’t we join forces to create an impactful change?

Join us for a , hands-on meetup designed exclusively for HR/Talent Acquisition professionals and D&I advocates motivated to help their companies in their journey for a more diverse, inclusive and fair workplace.

In this meetup, we will take a closer look at what product people do which can be applied in an HR context and explore new methods to:

check Validate and implement feasible actions

check Identify problems as D&I personnel

check Define successful results

check Describe the solution


Apply here to join our meetup: