Find the best,
keep the best.

No one understands the importance of quickly building an all-star team better than you. The challenge? Keeping top talent close at hand throughout busy hiring cycles.

Joonko for VCs creates a shared pool of diverse job candidates to be matched exclusively between your portfolio companies.
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Relevant applicants in your pool who match will receive emails promoting your portfolio’s open positions and suggesting they apply.

Embrace your talent Good talent is not easy to find and you don’t want great candidates to slip away. Competition for great talent is high and the time and efforts invested in sourcing and hiring in unproductive when it comes to retaining good candidates. So why not keep them close?
With Joonko for VCS, you now have the opportunity to not only streamline the hiring process for all of your portfolio companies but also circulate great talent amongst them. The best part? Every candidate in the pool has already been qualified by a talent manager within your portfolio.